It follows the decision by some European countries – including Germany and France – to advise against its use for older age groups.
Britain is under fire for its handling of the jabs, but the rollout in some other countries has been described as a “disaster”.
Revellers from the UK and Spain are understood to have joined the huge New Year's Eve event in Brittany.
Thousands of drivers stuck at the French border have been forced to spend Christmas Day in their cabs.
Footage from Dover shows dozens of drivers surrounding officers as they face having to wait days to cross the Channel.
French authorities say journeys can resume, but anyone travelling must have a negative test result.
Stranded drivers say a lack of facilities is creating a dire situation as the new Covid strain leaves them unable to enter France.
The Brexiteer accused European countries of acting like "thugs and bullies".
A number of European countries have banned travel from the UK in a bid to prevent the spread of a new strain of coronavirus.
Nations including Germany, Spain and France are moving to tighten restrictions amid fears of a third Covid peak.