"The prime minister is entitled to make comments on any topic she should see fit to do so."
“Our findings should prompt debate on the need to isolate pets from monkeypox virus-positive individuals,” researchers wrote.
Governments move to cap wholesale price rises, cut the price of public transport and subsidise power plants.
"Yes, of course I got it wrong but I got it wrong for the right reason."
Britain's soaring temperature is breaking records, but it's unclear how this might play into the Conservative Party leadership contest.
Two people were killed in the blazes in Spain that the country’s prime minister linked to global warming, saying: “Climate change kills.”
Emmanuel Macron is fighting off an insurgency from the far-right's Marine Le Pen.
With a far-right upset possible, here's what you need to know about the French presidential election.
At least 12 people have been reported to have been infected with the new strain.
Wednesday was the deadliest day on record for people trying to get to the UK through the Channel.