Art Attack: 2012 Magic Art Special Exhibition Of China Opens In Hangzhou

03/07/2012 10:06 | Updated 01 September 2012

Seasoned gallery visitors know the drill... hands behind your back, face set in contemplative mode, slow footsteps a respectful distance around the artworks.

But a new exhibition in Hangzhou, China is encouraging visitors to cast aside such conventions and interact with their display of incredible 3D artworks.

3d art china Interactive art?

The 2012 Magic Art Special Exhibition Of China is now open at the Hangzhou Peace International Exhibition and Conference Centre.

Until 6 August, gallery goers can up close and personal with the artworks as dinosaurs burst out of doors, fierce sea creatures swim out of the ocean waves and boxes tumble from precarious bicycles.

We love a pensive stroll around priceless masterpieces as much as the next art fans - but this sure looks like a lot of fun too.

2012 Magic Art Special Exhibition Of China


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