Both Russia and China have been accused of interfering in other countries themselves.
State media say the 6.2 earthquake was China's deadliest quake in a decade.
The British national's landmark trial in Hong Kong starts on Monday.
WHO has advised people to wear masks, wash their hands and keep spaces ventilated.
The former PM told her successor "no reasonable person expects China to abide by anything agreed" at it.
Foreign secretary James Cleverly risks Tory backlash by insisting Beijing should be represented at the event.
The foreign secretary repeatedly told Laura Kuenssberg he could not comment on security matters.
It's not so much that China has changed tack, just that Westminster is only now starting to act.
"British government should not overestimate its impact on the global scene and view China as a rival," Vitor Gao told Andrew Marr.
The accused parliamentary researcher says he is "completely innocent" and not a Chinese spy.