The WHO has called for greater transparency from Beijing over current infections.
Chinese citizens have been protesting the government's aggressive lockdown measures in cities across the country.
Security minister says he is watching to make sure government does not go "soft" on China.
UK prime minister criticises the past “naive” approach as he signals greater “diplomacy and engagement” with the superpower.
Public dissent on this scale has not been seen in China for decades.
BBC says Edward Lawrence was "beaten and kicked" after demonstrations against Covid restrictions.
Chinese football fans haven't been able to see fellow supporters enjoy life without Covid restrictions at the tournament.
Irene and Francis Lau, along with their three-year-old son Freddie, have gone to Beijing, China to visit family for Chinese New Year. They haven't been outside for the last three days as most places are closed. Now, they are awaiting their flight back to the UK but have been told that British Airways flights ‘could be cancelled up two hours before they fly’. Irene is twenty-one weeks’ pregnant and worries she could get sick. On arrival back in London, they have made plans to self-quarantine and work from home.
Chinese authorities told the BBC that the journalist was detained to protect him from getting Covid.
As we already know, the virus does not care about international borders.