Chris Moyles Quits Breakfast Show To Spend More Time With His Ego

11/07/2012 11:45

Chris Moyles broke the news today that he is to step down as host of Radio 1's breakfast show to spend more time with himself.

"It's about time I put those I love first," said the 38-year-old presenter. "Namely: me."

Making the announcement on the breakfast show on Wednesday, Moyles said: "For the last eight and a half years, my ego has had the best time of its life. We've been an amazing team together.

"But it's time I paid it the attention it deserves. Because if there's one person who loves listening to my voice more than my audience, it's me."

New Radio 1 controller Ben Cooper said in a statement: "I'd like to thank Chris. Quite simply he's been the most successful ego in Radio 1 history."

Moyles will present the show until September, when he goes on tour in his new musical Christopher Moyles Superstar - a show about a man who is crucified by the public but inexplicably goes on to be more popular than ever.

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