Life’s too short, but with a few simple everyday lifestyle changes you could increase your chances of sticking around to enjoy it for that little bit longer.

What's more it isn't all about slogging it out at the gym and eating spinach. From indulging in chocolate to having sex and even browsing the HuffPost Lifestyle, increasing your life expectancy just got more interesting.

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  • 10 Ways To Live Longer

  • Sleep... But Not For Too Long

    We all know the importance of getting a good night's sleep but according to research we may not need as much as first thought. A study by San Diego School of Medicine, of 459 elderly women, found that women who slept for between five and six and a half hours a night had the longest survival rates.

  • Have Great Sex

    Regular sex improves heart health and brain power as well as giving your immune system a boost. A study by the Italian Society of Sexual Medicine found that men who had active sex lives and were faithful to their partner had fewer heart problems and lived for longer.

  • Tie The Knot

    A long, happy marriage could be the key to a longer life. Research from Cardiff University found that marriage improves your mental and physical wellbeing, reducing the chance of premature death by 15%.

  • Exercise For 15 Minutes

According to a report in the New Scientist, you can live an extra three years by exercising for just 15 minutes a day - half the 30-minute minimum previously prescribed by the World Health Organisation.

  • Move To The Countryside

    The stresses of city living could be taking their toll. Research commissioned by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs took a snapshot of life expectancy between 2001 and 2007 and found that people living in rural areas tended to live for around two years longer than town dwellers.

  • Eat Like An Italian

    The Mediterranean diet has long since been revered for its health-boosting properties but researchers have calculated that the eating regime could add an extra three years to your life.

  • Have Lots Of Children

    Women who have four or more children may be more stressed out than most but they are a third less likely to suffer from cardiovascular disease and 50% less likely to have a stroke, according to a study of 1,300 women conducted by the University of California.

  • Be Positive

    A glass-half-full mentality could be the answer to a fuller life. A study of almost 4,000 52 to 79-year-olds, conducted by the University College, London, revealed that those who reported higher levels of contentment and a positive outlook had a 35% lower risk of premature death.

  • Eat Chocolate (In Moderation, Of Course)

    According to research from Harvard University, people who eat chocolates and sweets live longer than those who avoid them altogether - but only if they eat them in moderation. The study of 8,000 men found that eating sweets three times a month up live up to three times longer than those who eat too much or abstain completely.

  • Read The Huffington Post

    If you're getting your daily fix of The Huffington Post, you're likely to live longer than those who don't keep up-to-date with current affairs. A study of more than 1,000 adults found those most exposed to mass media consumed a healthier diet, reducing their risk of obesity, heart disease and cancer and making them more likely to live longer sleep.