Ever come over a bit 'Naomi Campbell' and felt the urge to lob your phone as far as possible? Well, it's time to channel that anger into something (vaguely) useful - because mobile phone throwing is now officially a sport.

Don't believe us? Well, more fool you. Because this weekend saw the 13th Mobile Phone Throwing World Championships take place in Savonlinna, Finland.

Proud Finn Ere Karjalainen set a new world record after chucking his mobile an impressive 332ft - while South African Jeremy Gallop could only manage second place with his 311ft effort.

However, it's not just the length of the throw that matters. The competition also includes a freestyle category, in which contestants are judged on the aesthetics and creativity involved in their phone-chucking.

We should just add that all phones are retrieved and recycled at the end of the competition.

So that's how sporty types tend to spend their time in Finland. But how about closer to home in, say, Yorkshire? Take a look at our gallery of 10 (possible) Yorkshire sports...

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  • Hatless Marathon

    Participants run a 26-mile route around the Yorkshire Moors, finishing on Ilkley Moor. Any athletes wearing a hat are immediately disqualified.

  • Yorkshire Pudding-Baking (Sprint)

    In which athletes have to bake five small Yorkshire puddings and arrange them in the shape of the Olympic Rings™. See photo on left.

  • Uphill Cycling Over Cobbles

    The winner is the fastest cyclist to reach the bakery. Note: all bikes are fitted with a basket on the front, in which bread can be carried. (Contrary to reports this was not a move designed to appease the French.)

  • Synchronised Flat Cap-Wearing

    A mixed team event for both men and women, demonstrated on the left by native Yorkshirewoman, Stacy Ann 'Fergie' Ferguson.

  • Modern Rhythmic Chocolate-Eating

    Disciplines include Chocolate Orange-Smashing and Easter Egg Decorating. Venues already confirmed: Terry's factory (York), Rowntree's factory (York), Thorntons HQ (Alfreton).

  • Men's 4 x 400-minute Complaining

    A delightful spectator sport which embodies the Yorkshire Olympics motto - "Tha can allus tell a Yorkshireman, but tha can't tell 'im much".

  • Three-Day Ferret Eventing

    On day one, the ferrets perform dressage. On day two, they tackle a cross-country course which takes in show-jumps, rabbit warrens and trouser legs. On day three, they bite people.

  • 20km Beer-Drinking

    Covering a route that includes the Tetley's, John Smith's, Sam Smith's, Timothy Taylor and Theakston breweries.

  • Under 16s Kestrel-Flying

    In accordance with the iconic film <em>Kes</em>, all participants must be emotionally neglected children and, sadly, all kestrels must be killed at the end.

  • Parsley, Sage, Rosemary And Thyme-Growing

    In which participants cultivate four types of herbs, and make a cambric shirt. Confirmed venue: Scarborough Fair.