The Nordic nation has become the 31st member of the military alliance.
The European leader promised she "did nothing illegal" amid ongoing backlash.
The US announces a new permanent base in Poland – while Sweden and Finland are formally invited into the Nato military alliance.
The foreign secretary said the UK fully supported the country's bid to join the military alliance.
Russia's invasion of Ukraine has also prompted a rethink of military neutrality in the Nordic region.
The UK scraped into the top 20, but fell five places amidst the pandemic.
I made a career, met my husband and had my children here. But things feel so bleak that we feel we have no other choice but to leave.
Across the world, many frontline health care workers are struggling without the right protective equipment to help those with coronavirus. In Finland, that’s not the case. Having lived on the front line of the cold war, the country has a vast reserve of stockpile to use as the country feels the effects of the global pandemic.
Marin, who has floated the idea of a 24-hour working week so people could spend more time with families and pursuing hobbies, has had a swift rise in Finland.