Who's a naughty boy, then?

Not you, obviously. You might not even be a boy. No, we're talking about Prince Harry. As is everyone right now.

Yes, Hazza has returned to England to face the music over THOSE La Vegas photos. You know, THOSE ones. That's right. Yes. THOSE.

Anyway, Twitter is, of course, having a field day at the poor Prince's expense. Check out our slideshow below of some of our favourite funny tweets on the matter so far. We'll keep adding to it - so if you spot any more, let us know at @HuffPostUKCom!

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  • Barry Lyons

  • Ebenwolfe

  • James O'Brien

  • Little Lost Lad

  • Paul Edmunds

  • Unnamed Insider

  • Adam Bloom

  • Bagpusspostgate

  • Chris Neill

  • John Brennan

  • Him Up North™

  • Prince Charles

  • Kristy Grant

  • Brian Limond

  • Hester Browne

  • Robin Ince

  • James Martin

  • Nick Hide

  • Suman Biswas

  • Matt Forde

  • James Martin

  • simon evans

  • tom jamieson

  • Elizabeth Windsor