Prince Harry

The Duchess of Sussex shared a heartwarming parenting anecdote with schoolchildren during a visit to Nigeria.
The Duke and Duchess of Sussex arrived in Nigeria on Friday for a three-day trip.
The Duke of Sussex received a warm welcome from the public during his engagement in London on Wednesday.
The Duke of Sussex is in the UK this week but will not see his family.
"Said he wrote a book," the actor quipped after running into the Duke of Sussex.
Some people believe the British model fits a description in Prince Harry’s memoir, “Spare.”
The Princess of Wales spoke about her diagnosis and treatment in a video released on Friday.
"If he lied they’ll have to take appropriate action," Trump told GB News.
The Duke of Sussex lost his publicly-funded security when he stopped being a working member of the Royal Family.
The Duke of Sussex says he immediately arranged to go to the UK after his father called to tell him he had cancer.