05/10/2012 08:35 BST | Updated 04/12/2012 10:12 GMT

Freddie Starr Loses High Court Injunction Case Over Allegations

A High Court judge has refused to continue an injunction granted to Liverpool comedian Freddie Starr to prevent publication of what he says is a libellous allegation.

No details of the allegation were revealed during the ruling given by Mr Justice Tugendhat after a hearing in London.

An interim injunction was granted to Starr's lawyer by another judge on Wednesday night via a telephone application.

freddie starr

The Liverpool-born comic Freddie Star has lost his High Court battle

The case was heard in open court when a number of print and broadcast organisations contested Starr's application for the continuation of the order.

Mr Justice Tugendhat said the case did not relate to confidential information, but to "words which are alleged to be libellous".

He stressed that it was his intention that his judgment "should not undermine any remedy the claimant may have relating to the matters in question in this case".

The original order made against 11 print and media organisations referred to the fact that Starr was "seeking to prevent a false allegation being published".

The court heard that a letter had been sent to news organisations on behalf of the 69-year-old celebrity stating that he "categorically" denied the allegation, for which there was "absolutely no foundation".

Mr Justice Tugendhat said the order made on Wednesday had set out the terms of the allegation - which were not read out in court - "that an individual woman had made in relation to the applicant".

He said: "I am informed that the allegation has not in fact been published by any of these defendants."