Freddie Starr

The former I’m a Celebrity contestant rose to fame on Opportunity Knocks in the 1970s.
Comedian Freddie Starr has told how being under police investigation for allegations of historical sex abuse left him "suicidal
A spokesman for animal-rights charity PETA told Huffington Post UK: “Jeanette Winterson makes a solid point about the horrors
Freddie Starr dramatically stormed out of his first TV interview since sex abuse allegations against him were dropped, leaving
first denied the accusations against him a year and a half ago, mouthing at the empty air, it was hard to escape the feeling that what we were witnessing was a grotesque failure of British justice.
Their life is in limbo, they cannot make professional or personal plans with confidence since they are unaware as to how the investigation will proceed and with what end result. Their careers will invariably be rudely interrupted. The potential domestic impact is obvious.
Freddie Starr will not face charges over alleged sexual offences, prosecutors have confirmed. The Crown Prosecution Service
Comedian Freddie Starr has been arrested for a fourth time over allegations of sex offences. The 71-year-old answered police