12/10/2012 12:16 BST | Updated 12/10/2012 12:18 BST

Woman Calls Obama A Communist, Doesn't Know What It Means (VIDEO)

As MSNBC's Chris Matthews interviewed a pro-Obama supporter ahead of the vice presidential debate on Thursday night, a critic of the president shouted out "he's a communist".

The 'Hardball' host tackled the woman over exactly why she thought the president was a communist. "What do you mean by communist? Matthews asked."Tell me what you mean when you accuse the guy of being a communist?"

She shot back: "All you have to do is study it out, study it out and you'll see. You haven't done your homework buddy. He's a communist and those of us who aren't voting for him know it."

Pressed for a definition she replied somewhat evasively: "Oh I know what I mean. You just study it out. Just because he was born here doesn't mean he thinks like us, he's a communist buddy."

Perhaps she needs to go study it out.