Barack Obama

The former US president also told Smartless podcast hosts Jason Bateman, Will Arnett and Sean Hayes what had surprised him about the Republican Party.
The Good Liars found some unsual beliefs among the MAGA faithful at a recent rally.
The Ozark star sported a mountain-man look that no amount of presidential star power could compete with.
The ex-US president wanted the Labour leader to have more "authenticity".
The former US president surprised Westminster watchers with his appearance in London.
A new survey puts Trump in his place... historically speaking.
The former president says he asked his doctor "who's healthier" out of him and his predecessor.
Former US president said the "whole truth" must be understood before the long-term conflict can be resolved.
David Axelrod calls on the president to reconsider running against Donald Trump in next year's election.
"It falls upon all of us to at least make the effort to model, in our own words and actions, the kind of world we want [future generations] to inherit," he wrote.