Obama, Biden And Clinton Take Podcast Photo, But Jason Bateman’s Beard Steals The Show

The Ozark star sported a mountain-man look that no amount of presidential star power could compete with.

It’s not often you see three U.S. presidents in one photo together, and it’s even rarer when Jason Bateman’s beard gets the most attention.

Former presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton joined President Joe Biden on Thursday for a fundraiser at New York’s Radio City Music Hall that raised a record $25 million for the Biden-Harris reelection campaign.

But before that, the three Democratic presidents guested on SmartLess, a podcast hosted by Bateman and his buddies Will Arnett and Sean Hayes.

Of course, the occasion was commemorated with a group pic, but the reaction to it was surprising.

People on X, formerly Twitter, seemed more focused on Bateman’s (admittedly impressive) scruff than on the three-quarters of a Mount Rushmore’s worth of presidents hanging out together.

And, yes, things got hairy at times.

This looks like Joe Biden, Barack Obama Bill Clinton, Will Arnett and Sean Hayes are celebrating Jason Bateman’s release from a foreign prison. pic.twitter.com/xVwkV0Iwyh

— Mike Beauvais (@MikeBeauvais) March 29, 2024

I love everything about this!!!!!!
Can't wait for the @SmartLess episode to hear Bateman explain why he looks like he was just rescued from a shipwreck. 🤣 https://t.co/bRRXTzCHYn

— Tara Setmayer 🌻 (@TaraSetmayer) March 29, 2024

Is Jason preparing for a Jack Black bio pic?

— Trevor Green (@trevogre) March 29, 2024

Same energy. https://t.co/z2jyPv9M4W pic.twitter.com/2PsP5c0FLQ

— Rickey with an e (@dickshews) March 29, 2024

I'm just glad the 3 presidents were able to get Jason Bateman out of that North Korean prison camp & back to the US. I thought we lost him over there. https://t.co/WdJbptaRQY

— Russell Foster A New Texas (@RussellFosterTX) March 29, 2024

This Jason Bateman Teenwolf sequel is going to be lit pic.twitter.com/aQe8ETDZkF

— Palmer Report (@PalmerReport) March 29, 2024

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