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Biden secured his win over Donald Trump, the first US president to lose reelection in 28 years.


Trump has released a statement effectively conceding to Biden, despite inciting violence from his supporters just hours earlier.
Biden says that democracy is “under an unprecedented assault” amid teargas and police in armed stand-off with protesters in chamber.
The president's lawyer Rudy Giuliani just can’t catch a break.
Including withholding vaccine information, interfering directly in the electoral process and tweeting – a lot.
I'm a Democrat, they're Republicans. Healing the political divide will be America's next challenge.
The put-down takes on new meaning following the president's election loss.
Even the channel's pro-Trump anchors have had enough of the president's lies.
There are fears the outgoing US president is undermining national security as Joe Biden's transition faces delay.
The president has already floated the idea on a number of occasions.
CLAIM: 'We will win the election!'REALITY: It was two weeks ago and Donald Trump lost to Joe Biden.


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