The Aftermath – Listen To Running Mate, Our Election Podcast For Brits

Here’s what happens next and what the vote says about four years of Trump. Available everywhere now.

Running Mate is a US election podcast – just for Brits.

On our election day(s) special, host Graeme Demianyk speaks to HuffPost US colleagues SV Date and Emily Peck about what happens now as the result stll hangs in the balance.

With key battleground states still yet to declared, when will the world get an outcome and find out whether Donald Trump or Joe Biden are president? Despite the drama and trauma of election night, the delay was predicted and in common with previous ballots.

We also look at whether the “worst case scenario” of Trump attempting to “steal” an election is on the cards after the president falsely claimed “a fraud on the American public” and then announced that he is “going to the US Supreme Court” to stop the counting of votes.

Also up for discussion is how Biden failed to secure a landslide after 250,000 Americans died amid Trump’s mishandling of the coronavirus, and whether this election sounds the death knell for polling.

Listen to the Running Mate election special above. Find it by searching for Running Mate on any good podcast platform, and get involved in the conversation on social media by using our hashtag #HPRunningMate.


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