The US Election, Explained. Listen To Running Mate, Our Podcast For Brits

Overwhelmed with information about Trump v Biden? Here's everything you need to know.

Running Mate is a US election podcast – just for Brits.

Last week, we brought our run of episodes explaining American politics to an end. This week, host Graeme Demianyk puts together a round-up of some the best insights from our US colleagues we’ve spoken to over the last two-and-half months.

That’s included: a shouting match masquerading as a TV debate, multiple protests against racial injustice, and the president wondering whether he would be “one of the die-rs” after contracting coronavirus.

We’ll have a special episode on Wednesday, too, to explain the result for those in the UK who might be scratching their heads over the state of America (and, frankly, who could blame them?).

Listen to the Running Mate round-up above. Find it by searching for Running Mate on any good podcast platform, and get involved in the conversation on social media by using our hashtag #HPRunningMate.


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