Donald Trump

A rant on Fox News from Donald Trump's son contained one glaring error.
The former president softened his stance on TikTok this year despite calling the app a national security threat when he was in the White House.
MSNBC analyst Jonathan Alter said this is "not a good look" for the former president.
The former president argued in all-caps that "if they take away my presidential immunity, they take away Crooked Joe Biden's presidential immunity."
The Good Liars found some unsual beliefs among the MAGA faithful at a recent rally.
The former president's latest complaint gets a cool reception on social media.
"Don't say you weren't warned," said Hasan, who used Trump's own words, and those of his allies, to set the ominous scene.
A juror identified only as "Kat" told MSNBC: "You know, he looked less orange, definitely like more yellowish, like yellow."
The Succession star has made no secret of his disdain for the former US president.
Christine Cornell detailed the former US president's comportment in court.