Donald Trump

The former president's boast isn't sitting well with his critics.
The former president's team is apparently not happy about Ali Abbasi’s new film The Apprentice.
It's not the first time Trump has used a remembrance holiday to slam his opponents.
The former president busted out a move to Sam & Dave's Hold On I'm Coming.
Amid boos, the GOP presidential hopeful urged the skeptical group of conservatives to give him “lots and lots of libertarian votes.”
"I'll explain it to you someday," the former US president said.
Trump said Putin would pay him a special courtesy but not "anyone else".
Maria Bakalova plays the former business mogul’s ex-wife Ivana Trump in The Apprentice.
Trump's political campaign has already threatened legal action over the new movie, aptly titled The Apprentice.
But the former president just steamrolled the reminder.