Donald Trump

Many Republicans who support Nikki Haley say they could never vote for Trump — and it could be a huge problem for his campaign against Joe Biden.
The former South Carolina governor isn’t quitting the 2024 race despite Saturday’s primary loss to Donald Trump.
Donald Trump's only real challenger is refusing to give up hope, to his increasing frustration.
The former president cruised to victory Saturday, handing Nikki Haley an embarrassing home-state loss and continuing his march to the nomination.
She seemed pretty friendly with Nigel Farage and Steve Bannon, too.
Ex-PM also claimed the West is "doomed unless conservatives win again".
Navalny fearlessly opposed Putin and the Kremlin before his death last week while in custody at a Russian penal colony.
Biden has reportedly asked senior campaign aides to highlight the “crazy s**t” that Trump says in public.
The former House speaker put the ex-president on blast for his fealty to the Russian leader.
The Russian opposition figure died in a Russian penal colony on Friday.