Donald Trump

The former first lady's omission gladdened the hearts of some.
"2020 really got me, and the pandemic took the cake," the woman who sent anti-Trump banners into the sky explained.
Michael van der Veen tossed his microphone to the ground and left.
Delegate Stacey Plaskett didn't mince words in explaining Trump's acquittal.
As a private citizen, former President Donald Trump does not have protection from legal liability that his presidency once gave him.
PM says US democracy "strong" despite what he calls "toings and froings" in wake of presidential election.
Former President Donald Trump was impeached twice. Now he's been acquitted twice too, thanks to Republican senators.
As the US senate’s Republican leader, McConnell’s vote is highly influential.
It's the latest in a string of air banners to be flown over the former resorts, with one calling Trump “you pathetic loser” and another the “worst president ever.”
Donald Trump did not know vice president Mike Pence was in danger when he criticised him on Twitter, said his lawyer, contradicting a Republican senator.