Donald Trump

Sebastian Stan and Succession's Jeremy Strong take the lead in the new film The Apprentice.
"Are you staring me down?" Judge Juan Merchan asked the defence witness.
Minnesota's KSTP juxtaposed the former president's fresh denial to a reporter with what he actually said.
The defence secretary said some Nato members were not spending enough on their military.
The rapper admitted to feeling “layers and layers of disappointment” at President Joe Biden, who she stumped for in 2020.
Of all the former president's claims, this one may have held up the least.
The former president had suggested that his successor was reluctant to debate him. But on Wednesday, that claim was thrown out the window.
"Let's pick the dates, Donald. I hear you're free on Wednesdays," the president said, referring to the day of the week Trump is not in court for his criminal trial.
Critics aren't buying this big claim by the son of the former president.