Donald Trump

Journalist E. Jean Carroll's attorneys argue that's both "wrong and dangerous."
The Hamilton star swapped in a famous athlete for the former president – and called Donald Trump a "stain on American democracy".
Florida senator Rick Scott awarded Trump the inaugural “Champion for Freedom” award at his Mar-a-Lago resort over the weekend.
The lawsuit filed by two officers accuses the former president of directing the violent mob that stormed the Capitol on January 6, leading to injuries and death.
The election, the environment, the economy and the pandemic according to Trump are... a little one-sided.
The former US president dismissed the January 6 violence and complained that his supporters were being "persecuted" over it.
The former US president also said that "tweeting gets you in trouble" and hinted at plans to one day start his own social network.
Virtuoso Travel ended its partnership with Trump and removed the former president's hotels from its exclusive listings.
It wasn’t until the onset of Covid-19 that it became apparent most of my new friends were either Trump supporters and/or entangled in QAnon conspiracy theories.