Bill Clinton

The Ozark star sported a mountain-man look that no amount of presidential star power could compete with.
Right-wing pundit Dick Morris was speaking from what appeared to be a living room as the man strolled through.
The Georgia Republican got called out on social media for disparaging the Democratic ex-president while ignoring the sex offender's friendship with Trump.
Travis King, an American soldier, has been held after crossing the heavily fortified inter-Korea border “willfully and without authorisation”.
But he says he's optimistic power-sharing at Stormont will return soon.
Beanie Feldstein and Clive Owen take the lead in Ryan Murphy's latest drama.
Huw Edwards issued an apology after a reporter mistakenly referred to the former US president during a report on Cosby.
Former presidents Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter vowed his election would return integrity to the White House and normalcy to American lives.
'If this is routine, why was it not handled in a routine manner?'
His political career spanned four decades.