Bill Clinton

"No matter what comes, you will be inspired by the character and compassion of the people you now lead."
The Award-winning ‘American Crime Story’ is set to turn its headlights on one of the biggest scandals of our time - Monica
Old Dave - our former PM and possible future Secretary-General of NATO-for all the whining from the Left regarding him, has never had a bunch of women coming out claiming he sexually assaulted them. He has never happily declared to a friend that women would allow him to grab them by the vagina due to his celebrity.
2016 is the year that will re-style the world and make Vogue's 'September issue' look nothing short of an A6 flyer for a
It's happened before. It'll probably happen again.
A day after Hillary Clinton lost the Presidential election to Donald Trump, she filed for divorce from her husband Bill. At
Hillary Rodham Clinton's concession speech was everything that diplomacy should be - I should stop typing, turn off my computer and sulk somewhere else because if she can pull herself together, slap on mascara and tell America, and the world, to keep an open mind then I have no place to be playing a violin.
It's worth remembering that someone who offered a genuinely different political vision to the lesser evils, Bernie Sanders, unsurprisingly polled better vs. Trump than Hillary did. In a climate where voters wanted to rebel against a system, Democrats robbed them of an outlet by choosing a candidate who was an agent of that very system. The only channel for rebellion was through Trump.
Former US President lets slip his disdain for Labour leader