Marjorie Taylor Greene Attacks Bill Clinton’s Jeffrey Epstein Ties, But Ignores Trump’s

The Georgia Republican got called out on social media for disparaging the Democratic ex-president while ignoring the sex offender's friendship with Trump.

The names of as many as 200 people connected to Jeffrey Epstein could be made public on Tuesday, but Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (Republican, Georgia) cares about only one of them.

A few weeks ago, US District Judge Loretta Preska ordered the unsealing of court documents that identified people associated with the disgraced financier, who died in a New York City jail in 2019 while facing charges of sex trafficking and conspiracy to traffic minors for sex.

The list could be released on Tuesday, and some of the names expected to be on it include former presidents Donald Trump and Bill Clinton.

On Sunday, Greene offered her take on the upcoming release and used the opportunity to attack Clinton, who reportedly flew on Epstein’s jet multiple times, according to Epstein’s former pilot, in a post on X:

“For some us, it’s no surprise at all that Bill Clinton will be named in the Jeffrey Epstein files.

“We said it a long time ago but they labeled us conspiracy theorists.

“There will be lots of names you’ve never heard of and the IC collected info on them.

“Pedophiles belong in jail not on secret government lists.”

Clinton’s friendship with Epstein, who’s death was ruled a suicide, admittedly looks sketchy.

Still, many people on X, formerly known as Twitter, called out the controversial congresswoman for going after Clinton, a Democrat, while ignoring Epstein’s longtime association with Trump.


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