Marjorie Taylor Greene

Critics slammed the conspiracy theorist lawmaker over the bonkers comparison.
The far-right conspiracy theorist offered a hot take that even her critics had to agree with.
The president lit up social media with this unexpectedly colorful encounter.
But The News Agents' journalist barely flinched at the sudden outburst.
British foreign secretary angers US Republican politician after urging the GOP "not to show the weakness displayed against Hitler".
A mythical creature amusingly hijacked the far-right lawmaker's interview with Donald Trump ally Steve Bannon. Greene couldn't ignore the interruption.
The resort said it “was not made aware of the purpose of this event” when organisers pitched what they claimed was a book signing.
The Georgia Republican got called out on social media for disparaging the Democratic ex-president while ignoring the sex offender's friendship with Trump.
The third time wasn't a charm for the controversial Congress member whose third plea to split up the United States was brutally mocked.
The Biden-trashing wrapping paper did not go down well.