Marjorie Taylor Greene

Greene, a close ally of House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, wrote the message on the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks.
Ken Buck, a conservative lawmaker from Colorado, called out Greene for her relentless push for impeaching President Joe Biden.
The Georgia lawmaker's resurfaced comments about the ice age had critics melting down.
Greene said she'd vote against keeping the government open if she does not get her way on an impeachment inquiry into US President Biden.
Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene also complained that she was blocked from entering the spin room after the presidential primary debate.
One critic called the far-right House member a "sick loser" for using the storm to joust at a familiar Republican target.
Greene said conservatives should put their "full faith and hope in God" and disregard "anything that we see happening in the news" following the latest indictment.
Representative Robert Garcia ripped the right-wing lawmaker for trying to silence him as he shared one of her most outrageous moments from the pandemic.
A lawyer for the president's son filed the complaint after the Georgia Republican displayed nude pictures of him at a House committee hearing.