Marjorie Taylor Greene Mocked After Spilling Accidental Truth About Republicans

The far-right conspiracy theorist offered a hot take that even her critics had to agree with.

US Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) managed to say something on Monday that even her biggest critics were only too happy to agree with.

“Our Republican House majority has failed completely,” she said at a town hall event in Georgia. “And I have had enough of it.”

Greene, who in 2022 spoke at a white nationalist event, had just rolled footage of herself in the House complaining that GOP lawmakers caved to Democrats on the budget.

One of her issues was that the bill did not address the border. However, GOP lawmakers ― including Greene ― tanked a bipartisan border bill that included funding for many conservative priorities. They had been told to do so by Donald Trump, who didn’t want to give US President Joe Biden a legislative victory ahead of this year’s election.

Trump publicly took credit for the bill’s failure.

Greene’s comments on Monday echoed a post she wrote on X last month calling the GOP majority a “complete failure” as the House was set to pass a bill funding the government.

She’s since gone on the attack against US House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.), and did so again on Monday as she told her constituents that Johnson hasn’t kept his promises to GOP lawmakers.

But it was her confession that the “Republican House majority has failed completely” that her critics were ready to agree with:


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