We've been banging on about getting you to send in your Halloween costumes, so it's only right we return the favour.

Some of these outfits are are admittedly better than others, and some of us just look better with our faces covered up.


Working at the Huffington Post UK is a SCREAM...

In spite of our fiendishly cunning disguises, we've allowed ourselves to be identified, a move we may well live to regret.

But without further ado, here are the Huffington Post staff in fancy dress.

And remember, we still want your pictures too...mail them to ukpicturedesk@huffingtonpost.com #halloween.


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  • Zombie Sensation

    "I had a horror movie makeover. Apparently this is how you look if you get caught in a bear trap in the forest." <em>Sarah Dean Assistant Entertainment Editor HuffPost UK</em>

  • Brewing up a trick, or a treat?

    This (slightly blurry) picture was taken in my grandparents' garden. I'm on the left pulling my very best angry witch face, I presume my little sister is laughing at our terrible knee-high white socks. <em>Carla Buzasi Editor-in-Chief Huffington Post UK </em>

  • Look into my eyes...

    I was going for the Johnny Depp Willy Wonka-look. <em>Matthew Tucker Deputy Picture Editor, Huffington Post UK</em>

  • Blonde... or brunette?

    I dressed as Courtney Love for a dead celebrities party...perhaps prematurely... <em>Dina Rickman Assistant News Editor Editor HuffPost UK</em>

  • Ale-drinking killer clown

    This reminded me of Stephen King's IT - the most terrifying clown known to man. The pint in hand does soften it somewhat. <em>Matthew Tucker Deputy Picture Editor, Huffington Post UK</em>

  • Demonic book-burning

    My friend had this magic trick - a wallet that caught fire when you opened it. Great fun around the bonfire! <em>Matthew Tucker Deputy Picture Editor, Huffington Post UK</em>

  • Stanley Kubrick's sidekicks

    Doing <em>A Clockwork Orange</em> on the cheap (I'm in the middle) <em>Sam Parker Culture Editor Huffington Post UK </em>

  • Bikini scream

    I'm not really one for dressing up on Halloween. I just like wearing this around the house. <em>Sara C Nelson Traffic & Trends Editor Huffington Post UK</em>

  • Gangnam skeletons

    We were doing Gangnam before it even existed. The fact we made these outfits by hand demonstrates how little of our time at university we spent studying. <em>Alice Vincent Editorial Assistant, Blogs Team Huffington Post UK </em>

  • Need an aspirin?

    This was at a 'Zombie Walk' in Bristol last year. The 'dead behind the eyes' look took surprisingly little practice Chris York Reporter Huffington Post UK

  • Tony TERROR

    I didn't have a costume ready for this party, but thankfully Tony Blair's likeness is a simple, yet terrifying disguise. <em>Jessica Elgot Reporter, Huffington Post UK</em>

  • Heavy night out

    A cheap nightie from Primark and a bucket of red paint, hey presto. <em>Lucy Sherriff Students Reporter Huffington Post UK</em>

  • His royal Russell

    While I may have the facial hair of Russell Brand, unfortunately I'm not <em>quite</em> as smooth with the ladies. <em>Ashley Percival Celebrity Editorial Assistant Huffington Post UK</em>

  • Little Wizard

    I wanted to go as Jack the Ripper. However, rather than dress her six-year-old as a Victorian prostitute butcher, my mother opted for the more benign wizard garb. <em>Paul Vale Deputy News Editor Huffington Post UK</em>

  • Ahoy!

    Not strictly for Halloween, but close enough. Dressing up as a pirate for a friend's 30th birthday. My moustache fell off two minutes earlier, but I kept hold of the sword all night. Charlie Thomas Business Reporter Huffington Post UK

  • How you doing?

    Dressed as Jose Mourinho (if you squint at the picture), complete with fake tan, fake beard and fake dog in quarantine. <em>Charlie Thomas Business reporter The Huffington Post UK</em>

  • Dead Pirates rise for Halloween

    Ahoy there, dead pirate garb is surprisingly like my everyday attire. <em>Tahira Mirza Assistant Picture Editor Huffington Post UK </em>

  • Squirrel! Squirrel Girl!

    A freak encounter with a squirrel resulted in this masterpiece <em>Jody Thompson Blogs Editor Huffington Post UK </em>

  • Violin Player

    "This was me, circa ten years old, tapping into my fear of practicing the violin as a kid." <em>Seamus McKiernan Blog Editor Huffington Post</em>

  • Cat Memes

    "A friend and I dressed up as cat memes. She was Nyan Nyan Cat and I was Business Cat. Internet lovers at the party thought our costumes were awesome...but most people had no idea what we were. Both 'stumes were pretty easy to make. Felt, thread, cardboard, crayons, paper and a pair of cat ears was all it took." <em>Michelle Butterfield Associate News Editor, HuffPost Alberta</em>

  • Avatar

    "When mom decides to visit on Halloween weekend and thinks you should go to the bars at 23 years old as Avatar. Because it's her favorite holiday and she wants to play dress up. Thanks mom... just try hailing a cab with a tail and a wig." <em>Kate Balch HuffPost Live Producer Huffington Post</em>

  • Alex from "A Clockwork Orange"

    "It was a big hit while I was still an undergrad at FSU. The only downside: fake eyelashes and residual glue gunk on the eyelid the morning after." <em>Adam Clement Social Marketing Manager Huffington Post</em>

  • Max from "Where The Wild Things Are"

    "My wife Nicole and I both as Max from 'Where The Wild Things Are.'" <em>Jacob Soboroff Host/Producer HuffPost Live</em>

  • Ron Burgundy

    "Facial hair is always fun during halloween so I thought I'd mask the creepiness of the mustache with the hilarity of Ron Burgundy. I not only wore this costume, but assumed the character the entire evening which included a silly conversation with local police." <em>Connor Magill Associate Producer Huff Post Live</em>

  • Satanico Pandemonium

    Last Halloween I dressed up as Satanico Pandemonium, performed by Salma Hayek in 'From Dusk Till Dawn.' <em>Marinés Arroyo Senior Editor, Lifestyles HuffPost Voces</em>

  • Anton Chigurh

    "In 2008, after the film version of 'No Country For Old Men' was released, I went as the villain, Anton Chigurh, (played by Javier Bardem). I bought the wig from a Korean wig shop in Uptown and all the ladies there were so sad; my natural hair is long and they didn't understand that I wanted this Prince Valliant-style wig for a costume. For authenticity, I even made my own little air tank (I'm holding it off-camera) out of 2-liter bottles and garden hose." <em>Kim Bellware Associate Chicago Editor Huffington Post</em>

  • Flapper

    "My grandma made this flapper costume for me (and made most of my costumes when I was little), complete with a string of faux pearls and her screw-back earrings. I'm with my childhood best friend (a Transformer) at our neighborhood branch of the public library." <em>Kim Bellware Associate Chicago Editor Huffington Post</em>

  • Little Orphan Annie

    "Here's a pic of me from last year. I needed a costume at the last minute and I dug up a prison uniform from a webseries I did, and a red wig from my old sketch comedy troupe, and came up with the idea that Little Orphan Annie ended up murdering Daddy Warbucks for the money, was caught, and is on death row. Note the black eye, teardrop tattoo and cut on her cheek (she's scrappy)." <em>Janet Varney Huffington Post</em>

  • Batman

    "Halloween plans aside, I was, according to my mother, Batman for about three years straight as a youngster." <em>Adam Clement Huffington Post</em>

  • Dopey

    "I lived with six other guys in college and for Halloween one year we were the seven dwarves. That's me on the far left in the green snuggy. I was dopey." <em>Conor Sullivan Co-Founder/Director HuffPost Labs</em>

  • Zombie Sea Captain

    "Here I am as a zombie sea captain in 2011 -- though I was asked if I was supposed to be a Titanic victim, or the killer in "I Know What You Did Last Summer." My response to the latter: "I'd never want to kill Ryan Phillippe!" <em>Curtis Wong Associate Editor HuffPost Gay Voices</em>

  • Frida Kahlo

    "Here's me as Frida Kahlo in 2009. I put it together on the fly and literally spent nothing. For once, I was glad I have a slight mustache. (Though I drew in the iconic eyebrows.) Later that night, I danced with three mariachis. Good times!" <em>Elizabeth Kuster Huffington Post</em>

  • Candy

    "My girlfriends and I were candy in 2007. It was hailing in NYC: Mind you, we were not dressed appropriately for the weather." <em>Shana Ecker HuffPost Home Editor</em>

  • Richard Simmons

    "I was Richard Simmons when I was 16. If this wasn't tagged on Facebook I wouldn't know that was me." <em>Amanda McGowan HuffPost Style Intern</em>

  • Lindsay Lohan and SamRo

    "This was in 2008- Lindsay Lohan and SamRo (I'm Samantha)." <em>Camille Santochi Associate Producer HuffPost Live </em>

  • Ringleader

    "Last year I went as a ringleader, though many people thought I was part of Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band." <em>Michelle Manetti Associate Editor HuffPost Home</em>

  • The Wizard of Oz

    "I think I'm probably two in this pic and my brother is four... My mom made both of those costumes by hand." <em>Amy Marturana Intern HuffPost Home</em>

  • Kitty Cat

    "Here's my bulldog, Charlotte, dressed up as a cat." <em>Annemarie Dooling Senior Community Editor Huffington Post Media Group</em>

  • Corpse Bride

    "My daughter made a very cute corpse bride in 2006, until she saw herself in the mirror and was so scared that she wouldn't stop crying until we changed her costume..." <em>Simon Heseltine Director of SEO AOL</em>

  • Trolls

    "My friends and I went as troll dolls two years ago. Oh man." <em>Melissa Cronin Assistant Editor HuffPost Science</em>

  • Billy Idol

    "Here's a shot of me and my brother, circa the depths of the '80s. It looks like he was Billy Idol dressed as Max Headroom doing a cameo on 'Miami Vice.' I was (and still am) a gummi-bear-eating devil." <em>Tim Wallace Graphics Director Huffington Post</em>

  • Walter White

    "This is me last year, as Walter White from 'Breaking Bad.'" <em>Radley Balko Senior Writer Huffington Post</em>

  • Patrick Bateman of 'American Psycho'

    "I was Patrick Bateman of 'American Psycho' outfit: In spite of the custom-made business cards, I was (ironically) asked if I was supposed to be Batman by a drunk girl at a party." <em>Adam Clement Huffington Post</em>