30/10/2012 06:05 GMT | Updated 30/10/2012 07:13 GMT

Sandy Batters US East Coast, Causing Flooding (PICTURES, LIVE UPDATES)

Superstorm Sandy battered parts of the East Coast of the US overnight, with at least 13 dead.

Five and a half million people do not have power and parts of New York have been submerged after flooding.

After hitting New Jersey it caused flooding in New York City, with reports of Manhattan "covered by seawater."

The 13 deaths were reported in New Jersey, New York, West Virginia, Pennsylvania and Connecticut.

"Lower Manhattan is being covered by seawater," Director of operations for the New York state government Howard Glaser reportedly said.

The flood has also caused airline companies to cancel flights to and from the UK for the second day running.

Both Barack Obama and Mitt Romney have cancelled campaign events with just over a week to go until the US elections.

Many British holidaymakers are stranded in the US because of the deadly weather phenomenon while a large number of tourists due to travel across the Atlantic have been forced to stay at home.

A total of 59 flights - 47 departures and 12 arrivals - were cancelled from Heathrow airport yesterday and many scheduled services will now not leave the tarmac on Tuesday.

UK airports were advising passengers due to travel to the US to contact their airline before travelling.

hurricaine sandy

Superstorm Sandy battered parts of the East Coast of the US overnight

Those Britons - and others - due to take internal flights in America yesterday found that more than 7,000 services had been axed. Among carriers which had to cancel flights were US Airways, American Airlines and Delta.

Britons already in America were contending with shut-down public transport, with bus and train services in New York and Philadelphia among those affected.

Hurricane Sandy