Steve Hilton, David Cameron's friend, confidant and miles-out-of-the-box thinking director of strategy, will not be making a return to British politics, reports the Times.

Hilton had gone on sabbatical earlier this year after becoming frustrated with perceived constraints of Whitehall.

His relentless quest to change employment law and the welfare state combined with his unorthodox "blue-sky thinking" had also led to tensions within the party.

Hilton is rumoured to have been considering opening a Hungarian restaurant in London. This sounds like a radical departure, but as you're about to learn, in the world of Steve Hilton, anything can happen.

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  • His Is Very, Very Precious

    <a href="">Senior Tories call him Gollum</a> because of his strange appearance and eccentric behaviour.

  • He (might) Love Trees

    Hilton's political loyalties were heavily questioned after it was <a href="">alleged that he voted for the Green Party in 2001</a>

  • He Loves Hoodies

    Now I'm not saying that all hoodies carry knives but <em>generally</em> at the very least they carry a certain disdain for authority and utterly no desire to indulge in cute political embraces. <a href="">Needless to say, Hilton's "Hug A Hoodie" campaign was a disastrous PR failure.</a>

  • He Hates Shoes

    Hilton stunned visting dignitaries by parading around Downing Street in just his socks. Sometimes being so creative just doesn't give you time for laces.

  • He Hates Clouds

    In an effort to be the bluest skied of blue-sky thinkers, Hilton suggested <a href="">firing rockets into clouds to disperse the overcast skies that regularly cast their dark shadows over Downing Street.</a>

  • He Hates Labour

    As much as it pains me I have to give Mr Hilton some credit for this one. Although it didn't swing an election, the highly effective election posters forced Labour to aggressively counter attack and gained <a href="">£5 million of publicity for an outlay of £125,000</a>

  • He Hates Pregnant Women

    Well, maybe he doesn't hate them, but in an attempt to bolster a sluggish UK economy, Hilton did suggest that maternity leave should be abolished along with Job Centres and consumer rights. His plan post-abolition was slightly hazy as it depended entirely on <a href="">"seeing what happens"</a>.

  • He Is Stewart Pearson

    We all know that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but what if your imitation is an irritating, airy-fairy and incomprehensible man who is generally despised by all those around him? That man is Stewart Pearson, one of the comedy highlights of BBC 2's 'The Thick Of It", widely believed to be based on Hilton.

  • His Relationship With Samantha Cameron is...awkward

    Hilton's wife is Rachael Whetstone, is <a href="">alleged</a> to have had an affair with Samantha Cameron's stepfather, William Astor, 4th Viscount Astor.

  • He Lost The Surrey Heath Election To Michael Gove

    Hilton tried to become an MP in 2005 but lost out to the beautiful, dentistry poster boy, Michael Gove.