'X Factor': James Arthur Calls Christopher Maloney 'A Diva' Before Being Ushered Away By Rylan Clark (VIDEO)

09/11/2012 15:35 | Updated 09 November 2012

Ever since the 'X Factor' live shows started, Christopher Maloney (AKA shaky Scouser) has been accused of having a case of the Mariahs.

Louis Walsh was the first to call Christopher a diva on 'The Xtra Factor' a few weeks back and every week since it seems each act who gets the boot has said the same thing: he's a diva, with ridiculous demands who doesn't mix with the other contestants and 'fakes his nerves'.

christopher maloney

'Who you calling a diva, like?'

So, is it just sour grapes from bad losers or does Chris really refuse to 'do stairs' and has a dressing room filled with fluffy white kittens?*

Well, he's been quick to play the I'm-just-a-lad-from-Liverpool-who's-trying-to-get-a-break-Dermot card but now a contestant who's still on the show (that'll be James Arthur) has also called him out for his diva antics. On film and everything.

Hmmm, the phrase 'no smoke without fire' springs to mind. Or maybe that should be 'no blue M&Ms in my rider, thanks'.

Click the vid above to see James call Chris a diva before being quickly ushered away by (a smirking) Rylan Clark. Tee-hee.


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