Christmas Jumpers For Students: A Survival Guide (PICTURES)

19/11/2012 15:34 | Updated 29 November 2013

As is always the way when buying your annual Christmas Jumper, choosing your piece de resistance is a minefield of meteoric proportions.

The Christmas Jumper has many faces. This woven woollen creation is the window to your soul, and should be treated with caution. Do not underestimate the Christmas Jumper.

But, we hear you cry, if the Christmas Jumper is so important, then surely there must be rules, a guidebook, nay, a bible? Well, since you asked, yes there is.

Behold, your survival guide to navigating the rails of Christmas Jumper and choosing your threads for the winter:

So, ladies and gentlemen, there's the lowdown. If you're not quite sure which category you fall into, how about taking our Which Christmas Jumper Are You quiz?

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