Over the last week on our Twitter profile we posted a few images for a caption contest and we asked our followers to tweet us back their replies.

We posted pictures throughout the week, from Barack Obama to Prince Charles, and you'll be very surprised by the results. You can decide the overall winners by rating the tweets in the slideshow below the photographs. Enjoy!

Ed Miliband And The Apprentice

ed miliband

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  • Absolute Twit

    @HuffPostUKPics #milibandcaption Miliband's joy at meeting man clearing up elephant dung with trowel. "I've never seen anything like it!"

  • Satireday Night

    @HuffPostUKPics #milibandcaption And when it's finished, are you sure no-one will hear my brother's screams? Mwahahaha

  • ST

    @HuffPostUKPics Ed fondly recalls the time he drunkenly fell asleep in the Bricklayers Arms #milibandcaption

  • Kulgan of Crydee

    @HuffPostUKPics EdM says "Hi. Do you know who I am". Apprentice replies "David Miliband?" #milibandcaption

  • Andy Reed

    @HuffPostUKPics ..and you can get 4 bodies in there right, because Clegg is quite small you know? #milibandcaption

  • Kulgan of Crydee

    @HuffPostUKPics Apprentice says to EdM "What, you mean you really are Labour's leader!!!" #milibandcaption

  • Becky O'Rourke

    @HuffPostUKPics Apprentice: Are you confident you can lead Labour to victory? Miliband: Err, nope - I'm bricking it.#milibandcaption

  • Stu

    @HuffPostUKPics #milibandcaption all the crap labour talk makes good cement. Now to train this immigrant to make a wall for my new patio

Obama Yawning:


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Prince Charles Sniffing

prince charles

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David Cameron In Brussels

david cameron

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  • Gordon Stainforth

    @HuffPostUKPics #cameroncaption "I may have dandruff, but you're just a little plebeian git!"

  • Bill Dodds

    @HuffPostUKPics No no a thousand times no. #cameroncaption

  • The_Trellis™

    @HuffPostUKPics "Face lift? What face lift?" #cameroncaption

  • Karen Webb

    @HuffPostUKPics #cameroncaption (through gritted teeth) "we are the Party backing the #NHS (over that cliff)"

  • Isabel Rogers

    @HuffPostUKPics #cameroncaption "I *can't* tell you what Clegg's Chrimbo present is: he's right next to me, you imbecile!"

  • Charlotte Barney

    @HuffPostUKPics #cameroncaption "I feel nothing but Christian love towards the ****ards who voted down women bishops"

  • Gaylord

    @HuffPostUKPics #cameroncaption "This is my best Colin Firth face, I'll let you take my picture but I'm not wearing britches for anyone"

Obama Pardons The Thanksgiving Turkey

obama thanksgiving turkey

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