Huffington Post Picture Desk Live: Caption Contest Of The Week

22/11/2012 16:27 | Updated 23 November 2012

Over the last week on our Twitter profile we posted a few images for a caption contest and we asked our followers to tweet us back their replies.

We posted pictures throughout the week, from Barack Obama to Prince Charles, and you'll be very surprised by the results. You can decide the overall winners by rating the tweets in the slideshow below the photographs. Enjoy!

Ed Miliband And The Apprentice

ed miliband

See the tweets below:

Ed Miliband Caption Competition

Obama Yawning:


See the tweets below:

Obama Yawning Caption Competition

Prince Charles Sniffing

prince charles

See the tweets below:

Prince Charles Caption Competition

David Cameron In Brussels

david cameron

David Cameron Caption Competition

Obama Pardons The Thanksgiving Turkey

obama thanksgiving turkey

See the tweets below:

Obama Turkey Caption Competition
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