27/11/2012 11:59 GMT

Nadine Dorries Meets Chief Tory Whip George Young To Decide Future After 'I'm A Celebrity'

Nadine Dorries could have done with a 15 minute grilling when confronted with raw testicles in the jungle but has instead had to wait until today to get one from her bosses.

The Conservative MP had a meeting with chief whip Sir George Young on Tuesday morning to explain her decision to jet off to Australia to take part in "I'm a Celebrity..."

Dorries was told she would learn next week whether the Conservative Party whip would be restored following her temporary suspension.


Dorries returned to the UK on Monday after being the first person voted off the show

Dorries had expressed confidence that she would not be permanently excluded from her party.

Speaking on BBC Look East on Monday night she said: "I'm fully expecting that when the meeting has taken place everything will be fine.

"I haven't done anything that's seriously worthy of withdrawing the whip."

Dorries argued that her appearance would give her a bigger platform from which to speak about issues such as abortion.

She said: "Since I’ve come out of there, apart from the big hitters like Cameron or Osborne, I am possibly the best known MP in Britain."