David Cameron

Government spokesperson says health secretary has "acted entirely properly" in declaring interest in Topwood Limited.
"Anomalies” in government contractors’ responsibilities and officials' second jobs must be addressed, says ethics chief Sir Eric Pickles.
Commons leader praises under-fire former Conservative prime minister.
Labour called for a parliamentary probe as Boris Johnson’s “wholly inadequate” review is chaired by a “good friend” of the Conservatives.
Shadow minister Rachel Reeves says Nigel Boardman report into links with Greensill Capital will be a "whitewash".
Boris Johnson says he cannot remember when he last spoke to "Dave".
Bill Crothers bypassed appointments watchdog and was still a top civil servant when he took the post in 2015.
Or could the chancellor emerge from the row stronger?
City lawyer Nigel Boardman will lead the review, which the PM wants to report 'promptly'
Accusations of “Tory cronyism” as chancellor “pushed” officials to explore plan to aid firm the ex-PM was working for.
About David Cameron
David Cameron took office in 2010 after forming a coalition government with Nick Clegg. He has since seen the popularity of his party fall as well as internal rebellions against the alliance with the Lib Dems.