David Cameron

Analysis: Making the former prime minister the new foreign secretary shows Downing Street has lost the plot.
The former prime minister makes return to frontline politics and has been given a seat in the Lords.
The former prime minister said the decision to axe the Manchester leg of the line was "the wrong one".
The huge rail project has been fraught with delays and soaring costs.
It shines an interesting light on just how prepared for a pandemic the UK really was before Covid struck.
The ex-PM was asked if he accepts he "failed" to prepare the country for Covid.
Police in Portugal are searching a reservoir about 30 miles from Praia da Luz, where Madeleine went missing 16 years ago.
The "totemic" moment on February 5, 2013, seems a long time ago amid a "toxic" debate over LGBTQ+ rights.
"David Cameron levels of cringe on display here," said one social media user.
About David Cameron
David Cameron took office in 2010 after forming a coalition government with Nick Clegg. He has since seen the popularity of his party fall as well as internal rebellions against the alliance with the Lib Dems.