Rishi Sunak Was Asked To Name David Cameron's Best Foreign Policy Achievement And It Went As Well As You'd Expect

The prime minister was mocked for his underwhelming answer.
David Cameron after returning to government earlier this week.
David Cameron after returning to government earlier this week.
Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

Rishi Sunak was ridiculed after giving an underwhelming answer when asked to name David Cameron’s “finest foreign policy achievement”.

The question came after the prime minister stunned Westminster by making the former PM the new foreign secretary.

At prime minister’s questions, Sunak praised Cameron’s “unprecedented experience” as he explained his decision to bring him back from the political wilderness.

But he came unstuck when Labour MP Kevin Brennan asked him: “What would he say was David Cameron’s finest foreign policy achievement?”

Sunak replied: “There’s many, many to pick from, but what I would say is under his leadership, this country hosted what was widely considered to be one of the most successful G8 summits of recent times.”

His bizarre answer - a reference to the G8 held at Lough Erne in Northern Ireland in 2013 - prompted laughter from across the House of Commons.

Critics have pointed out that Cameron’s track record on foreign affairs during his six years in No.10 was deeply unimpressive.

His biggest error was losing the Brexit referendum after re-negotiating the terms of the UK’s membership of the EU and then campaigning for Remain.

That led to him quitting as prime minister within hours of the result being announced.

Cameron has also faced fierce criticism for the UK’s disastrous intervention in Libya when he was PM, as well as his failure to secure the backing of the Commons to take military action against Syria after its president, Bashar al-Assad used chemical weapons on his own people.


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