Dahaba Ali Hussen, who came to the UK aged 10, was told her application "did not meet the requirements" of the post-Brexit settlement scheme.
But Conservative elections guru Lord Hayward tells HuffPost UK Boris Johnson should not try to exploit the issue.
Exclusive: The 4% hit to economic output envisaged by the UK’s fiscal watchdog could cost £84.5bn, Labour and Commons library research suggests.
“It is the second time in the space of six months that the UK government is set to breach international law."
Our government’s uncooperative approach with the EU will have real consequences for our living standards and public services. And the deeper the rift, the higher the taxes we will all pay, writes Ian Mulheirn.
Taxpayers' money has been lavished on questionable PPE contracts, Brexit preparations and other "vanity projects".
Pat McFadden tells HuffPost UK that “perpetual” bad feeling with the EU might be a “perfect outcome” for hard Brexiteers.
Some companies will have to move operations to the EU due to trade barriers, Office for Budget Responsibility says.
The PM made fish a central focus of Brexit talks and promised to "take back control" of UK waters – but it's not going to plan.