The Conservative peer also calls Brexit the "biggest disaster in British policy making since the Second World War".
Lord Frost also criticised Rishi Sunak's decision to "tilt to the left" of the Conservative Party.
Rishi Sunak did get a nod for improving one element for post-Brexit Britain, though.
Not one person put their hand up when asked if anyone felt wealthier than they did in 2019.
"Every single little bit of the jigsaw that made it possible to build a life has been fragmented."
"That's such a childish question," the former Tory cabinet minister said at one point.
"We were told it was all going to be so simple," Chris Warburton said.
Michelle O'Neill has just become the first nationalist to lead the region's government.
Tory MP and Brexiteer told on his GB News show: “It hasn’t benefited British agriculture one iota.”