The European Union performed an embarrassing U-turn after widespread condemnation of its move to control vaccines.
I know I'm not the only one thinking things could be better elsewhere, writes Nabeela Zahir.
Ed Sheeran and Liam Gallagher have also signed a letter criticising the lack of visa-free travel for UK musicians across EU countries.
Ham sandwiches confiscated, Percy Pigs exiled, and the threat of rotten fish in Westminster are some of the problems plaguing the UK.
Downing Street insists "we will not be lowering workers' rights" but does not rule out changes to the EU working time directive.
Hannah Deacon’s son Alfie has refractory epilepsy and after years of fighting in court, was given Britain’s first medicinal cannabis prescription to improve his quality of life. However, with only two weeks notice, the Brexit deal agreed upon by the British government means that Alfie can no longer import his prescription from the Netherlands, leaving the family to once again face having to fight to give Alfie any semblance of a seizure-free life.
With two weeks’ notice, we lost access to the only treatment which has given Alfie any quality of life. We need urgent assistance.
Ian Paisley accuses prime minister of insulting people’s intelligence after he describes post-Brexit disruption as “teething problems”.
Labour leader says there is no scope for renegotiation of the trade deal agreed by Boris Johnson.