David Cameron

He suggested a new identity scheme was being looked at “very, very carefully indeed”.
In the past, the chief mouser has tangled with a pigeon while stalking Downing Street.
“He knew his mother couldn’t last forever,” the former UK prime minister said of the new monarch.
He also described how he apologised to the Queen after revealing details of one of their private conversations.
"I thought they were the same, they looked very similar on this photo."
“We need to talk to a new generation in the same way Cameron, Osborne, and yes for eight great years, Boris did in London.”
"It’s almost as if he doesn’t do much benefits casework."
Former prime minister says “tragic” disease needs to be tackled earlier.
"Foodbank use went up 2,612% while David Cameron was prime minister. Apologise for that before you start posing for photos."
About David Cameron
David Cameron took office in 2010 after forming a coalition government with Nick Clegg. He has since seen the popularity of his party fall as well as internal rebellions against the alliance with the Lib Dems.