David Cameron

"The King is flanked at the summit by two men who remain committed to climate-wrecking policies," ActionAid says.
"I leave all classical allusions to another former prime minister," said the freshly-minted Lord Cameron of Chipping Norton.
Lord Cameron of Chipping Norton dons the ermine robes to seal his political comeback.
John Kay made the quip as he grilled new Tory chairman Richard Holden.
One MP revealed she had submitted a vote of no confidence in the prime minister.
Former prime minister's return to British politics prompts a bout of nostalgia for the ex-Eastenders star's evisceration.
The former prime minister magically becomes "Lord Dave" and takes a senior job in Rishi Sunak's cabinet.
"It's like taking off your underwear, turning it inside out, and putting it back on again."
The newly-appointed foreign secretary faced questions over his work for Australian financier Lex Greensill.
About David Cameron
David Cameron took office in 2010 after forming a coalition government with Nick Clegg. He has since seen the popularity of his party fall as well as internal rebellions against the alliance with the Lib Dems.