Donald Trump Did Not Mention Me Calling Him 'Misogynistic And Stupid', Says David Cameron

Foreign secretary asked if former US president brought up the "undiplomatic" comments during their meeting.

David Cameron has revealed Donald Trump did not challenge him over having previously branded him “xenophobic”, “misogynistic”, “stupid” and “wrong”.

The foreign secretary met with the former US president in Florida last week as part of an effort to persuade him to support more American military aid for Ukraine.

In an interview with Sky News on Monday morning, Cameron was asked to reveal what was discussed.

“I’m glad that I had the meeting,” he said. “It’s very much in line with the work that foreign secretaries and prime ministers do, we meet leaders of the Opposition in other countries, we meet potential future presidents.

“I remember meeting [Republican presidential candidate] Mitt Romney when I was prime minister.”

Presenter Kay Burley asked Cameron whether Trump had mentioned some of the “undiplomatic” things the former prime minister has previously said about him.

“You called him xenophobic, misogynistic, stupid, protectionist, wrong. Did he bring it up?′ she asked. “He did didn’t he.”

Cameron said he was “not going to comment on the meeting” but pressed by Burley he said: “No he didn’t actually.”

Joe Biden’s $95bn package, which included assistance for Ukraine, was easily passed by the US Senate in early February, with both Democratic and Republican support.

But it has yet to be put to a vote in the House amid infighting among Republicans over the bill, as Trump and his allies in congress are opposed.


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