How To Move Crates Of Beer Like A Real Man (VIDEO)

28/11/2012 10:07 | Updated 28 November 2012

Good heavens! We've come over all hot and flustered after watching this testosterone-fuelled footage of a group of Romanian factory workers sorting out pallet after pallet of beer crates in super-quick time. Such efficiency! Such brute force! Such good luck that nothing got broken!

Mind you, this video's less than two-and-a-half minutes in length, so we don't know how long they kept the momentum going. Chances are they all put their shirts back on then went for a nice cup of tea, some pretty pink cupcakes and a flick through Grazia magazine in the staffroom as soon as filming had stopped.

Want more beer-related displays of masculinity? You're in luck! Here's a bloke who can drink three unopened bottles of beer with his hands tied behind his back - in 37 seconds...


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