Goose Island's Cadbury Creme Egg stout has arrived to celebrate the egg's 50th birthday. So, how does it taste?
The government asked pubs for videos of stock being destroyed, but there are concerns that millions of pints down the drain could harm the environment.
Festivals, pub quizzes and celebrities: breweries are finding creative ways to stay afloat.
On Monday, Coors Light dropped off 150 cans of beer to Olive Veronesi's house in Seminole, Pennsylvania.
"Australians find England pretty expensive usually, but this takes the cake."
Good beer? Check. Nice surroundings? Check. Sun? Check. 🍺
"Beer is not a man’s drinks or a woman’s drink, it is a drink for everyone" 🍻
"They don’t want to be seen to be lagging behind given how many millions of cans they sell in the UK.”