Over the last week on our Twitter profile we posted a few images for a caption contest and we asked our followers to tweet us back their replies.

We posted pictures throughout the week, from Jedward to The Duchess Of Cambridge, and you'll be very surprised by the results. You can decide the overall winners by rating the tweets in the slideshow below the photographs. Enjoy!

The Queen At The Barracks

the queen

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  • Mike Sullivan

    "@HuffPostUKPics "Following the government cutbacks, this is all that is left of HMS Ark Royal, ma'am." #queencaption

  • Stevo

    @HuffPostUKPics "Ok I'm here, Charles, what's this 'big surprise' you have for me?" #QueenCaption

  • Ppl call me Lucifer

    #queencaption "Does that come in white?" http://t.co/OKpjJ9pP

  • Ppl call me Lucifer

    #queencaption "Oh Philip is going to have such a roaring time on the roof with this one!"

  • Ppl call me Lucifer

    #queencaption "I want two for bedroom." http://t.co/PpopOnD6

  • Ppl call me Lucifer

    #queencaption "Can you show me how to use this...perhaps later behind the sandbags?" http://t.co/y69jHGeE

  • Ppl call me Lucifer

    #queencaption "Is this the Prince Andrew model? Oh Philip could of had so much fun with this at the Olympics." http://t.co/5CbU5con

  • Ppl call me Lucifer

    #queencaption "If the peasants find out we're taking all their money, I'll need one for myself. Do you have 1 that will fit in my handbag?"

  • Ppl call me Lucifer

    #queencaption "Wow. It's big & black. Can I touch it?" http://t.co/7bjgQVWv

  • Laurence

    That reminds one. I shall be meeting Cameron later today. http://t.co/xIIoWK7H #queencaption

  • S

    RT @monkeyofdarknes: #queencaption "Does it come with it's own peasants?" http://t.co/PNIFbceN

  • Jasdeep Lalli

    @HuffPostUKPics #queencaption "Phwoar, check out the cankles on her Sarg."

  • Ppl call me Lucifer

    #queencaption "Could you put that in the Rolls? I need to go see @david_cameron." http://t.co/sdLQHEB1

  • the Hawk's Dandelion

    @HuffPostUKPics #queencaption : yes your majesty; that's the working end (now please stand still while I show you? )

  • Ppl call me Lucifer

    #queencaption "Are you serious? Made in China? Oh...a gift from the Walton family, how lovely." http://t.co/lS5ZUi9y

  • Mark Davy

    @HuffPostUKPics #queencaption "Reminds one of one of my favourite stallions"

  • Ppl call me Lucifer

    #queencaption "Your Majesty, it's a new Kodak camera. Go stand against the wall & I'll snap a few shots." http://t.co/mHGghuTD

  • Ppl call me Lucifer

    #queencaption "Lovely. Does the helmeted piss-boy come with it?" http://t.co/ZofpruEf

  • Ppl call me Lucifer

    #queencaption "No, your Majesty. It's Theresa May's marital aid. There's two models: electronic ignition, or kick-start. Want one?"

  • libby-beth

    RT @HuffPostUKPics: Caption competition: reply using #queencaption in the tweet http://t.co/18G7XqYV http://t.co/9P66s4cm

  • Mark Bedford

    @HuffPostUKPics '....or is one pleased to see me'. #queencaption

  • Smudge Baxter

    "This could be the answer to that awkward Sarah Ferguson problem. Do you have it in Royal Blue?" #queencaption

Jedward and The Waxworks


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  • Kelly Li

    @HuffPostUKPics Oh God, they're breeding. #jedwardcaption

  • Satireday Night

    @HuffPostUKPics It was only then that the Professor realised his cloning machine was fatally flawed. #jedwardcaption

  • Gaylord

    @HuffPostUKPics #jedwardcaption What's red and has four tits?

  • Oonagh

    @HuffPostUKPics #jedwardcaption Boris Johnson's quadruplets chosen to advertise V05 perfect hold gel.

  • Imran

    #jedwardcaption World's first z-list clone experiment blamed for double-dip regression

  • Feel Good, Man

    @HuffPostUKCom Union J in image rethink after being in bottom 2 this week #jedwardcaption

  • @dartacus

    @HuffPostUKPics "Jedward cloning experiment a success, but single brain cell must now be shared four ways instead of two" #jedwardcaption

  • flick

    we're nearly there - just need 7 more to take over premiership #jedwardcaption

  • Anjee Busby

    @HuffPostUKCom @HuffPostUKPics its fun to stay at the YMCA, it's fun to stay at the YMCA #JedwardCaption

  • Joanna Lowy

    @HuffPostUKPics Seeing trouble. #jedwardcaption

  • briefself

    Two plus two = zero @HuffPostUKPics: Caption competition: tweet us back using #jedwardcaption

Kate Middleton Visits Cambridge

kate middleton

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  • Satireday Night

    Listen punk, don't you talk about my sister like that - my arse is ten times better than hers. @HuffPostUKPics #katecaption

  • JJRC

    #katecaption Haven't you heard about the bird? Everybody knows that the bird is the word

  • Matt D.H.

    @HuffPostUKPics What, she's still staring at the back of my head? William's got the bald spot, not bloody me! #KateCaption

  • Sir Oxbow Lake

    #katecaption @huffpostukpics 'So I said to my rugger mate, "Tom thats no way to treat a picture of the future Queen" so he er ....didn't'.

  • Louise

    #katecaption "I know I know she's still staring" grimaces ... "next when given a lady in waiting I'll need to clarify ... Waiting for what"

  • Mark Baker

    #katecaption You're a republican, goodness that's really interesting, so you're not pleased to meet me?

  • Bobski wants a job!

    @HuffPostUKPics #katecaption "Wow. you got the pics developed at Boots, for half price??"

  • Marianka Swain

    @HuffPostUKPics 'What do you mean, you HAVEN'T seen the pictures?' #katecaption

  • Sean McGinty

    @HuffPostUKPics #katecaption when can I stop with this face?

  • robin budd

    @HuffPostUKPics #katecaption "No,I DON'T use botox!Really! See?!!"

Camilla At The Comedy Gala

duchess of cornwall

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  • TalkinToU2ENT

    Bowles and Bean RT @HuffPostUKPics: Caption competition: tweet back your caption using #camillacaption http://t.co/BoC4vkJs

  • Elisheva

    RT @TalkinToU2ENT: Bowles and Bean RT @HuffPostUKPics: Caption competition: tweet back your caption using #camillacaption http://t.co/BoC4vkJs

  • Tubeway

    @HuffPostUKPics #camillacaption "He who smelt it dealt it, ma'am"