We've got stiff upper lips and crap teeth. We wear tweed in the rain and are obsessed with our nannies. We hate the French and drink endless cups of weak, milky tea, particularly when the weather is warm.

Yep the British stereotype is not only live and kicking, its growing arms and legs.

The expanding list began life on Reddit and started being picked up by other channels as it went viral.


I was served an awful lunch but when the waitress inquired as to my satisfaction I gave her a grin and said 'lovely thanks' and left a tip

Writing for Buzzfeed, Jack Shepherd described it as "A quick trip inside the terrifying world of the British psyche".

A glance through it confirms there are no limits to the depths of our social awkwardness and our desperate need to be polite in the most inappropriate of circumstances.

Click through our gallery of the best and let us know your own suggestions in the comments section below.

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  • Nigella Lawson has lost weight and it's putting me off.

  • A plumber is coming round any minute to look at our bathroom. I need a poo but would be mortified if the room smells when he gets here.

  • I'm currently studying in America and everybody keeps congratulating me on the baby.

  • The only exercise I get is carrying boxes of lager back up the hill from the supermarket.

  • I'm confident that I'm exhibiting early symptoms of pneumonia but the electricity bill is shared.

  • Every time I'm listening to my ipod on public transport and someone gets on with theirs playing so loudly the whole train/bus can hear, I feel compelled to stop listening to music purely so other passengers don't think it's me. being both relived and off

  • Nobody came forward to roughly slap me on the back when I had a coughing fit at the pub last night.

  • If I take a wrong turn walking down the street, I can't take the embarrassment of turning around and walking back. So I get my phone out and pretend to talk to my friend who requests me urgently to turn back.

  • I asked my mother what she wants for Christmas and she said "Nothing" when we both know she would be upset if I did, in fact, get her nothing

  • The advert for BlaBlaCar says "You do the math.." when it should be maths.

  • As a child I asked my friends mother how many biscuits I could eat with my tea. She said as many as I liked. She left the room and I ate the packet. I recieved silent but vigorous judgement when she returned. I think of this each time I am offered anythin

  • I'm a northerner living in London and I never get enough gravy

  • I actually quite like the French

  • An attractive woman came to my door selling me a love film subscription I assumed she was going to take my details to contact me later but instead asked for my payment details. I couldn't bring myself to say no so I'm now a member for the next three month

  • I opened up some Celebrations to find there were only 4 Malteser 'Teasers' in the whole box, yet plenty of Bountys and Milky Ways

  • Everyone stood on the usual right of the escalator allowing a corridor for more hurried passengers, apart from one man who stood on the left. I walked down until I was stood behind him saying nothing out of politeness, then continued the descent in silent