An old lady spent New Year's Eve locked in a French supermarket with nothing but rows of cheeses and baguettes to help her see in 2013, after the 73-year-old visited the lavatory at closing time.

With echoes of the bawdy folk tune, after leaving the loos, she found the Roubaux intermarche abandoned.

Although she set off the alarm numerous times as she combed the aisles looking for staff, no one came to her aid, reported local newspaper La Voix de Nord.

Eventually she curled up in the supermarket's staff office and attempted to get some sleep. She was found in the morning and taken to hospital, and although very tired, was safe, reported the BBC.

The 73-year-old wasn't the only one who saw in 2013 in an unconventional way. Check out other ways people spent their new year's eve below

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  • A non alcoholic NYE

    <a href="">"He really enjoyed this."</a>

  • Couldn't make it till midnight

    <a href="">Granddaughter and her cat sleeping on a flat Giraffe</a>

  • New Year, New Resolution?

    "I was involved in a car accident earlier this year. Found this tucked under my windshield wiper blade when I returned to my car this evening."

  • Hoping for better health

    "I don't know how you're spending your New Year's Eve, but here's how I'm spending mine. Here's to hoping it's not cancer! Happy New Year!"

  • Slippers and sofa time

    "My buddies and I on New Year's Eve (Or rather, my legs and my buddies)"

  • Home alone with babybel

  • Toasting the other netizens

  • Family Time

    <a href="">"This is my dad's first NYE alone. I decided to blow off all my friends and spend it right next to him."</a>

  • Playing games

    "How I am spending my New Years. Playing battleship with my bearded dragon Thor."

  • Tard Hates New Year

  • Finishing the lego superstar destroyer

  • New Year's Fort

    <a href="">Inside the fort</a>

  • New Year Fort

  • Making Soup

    <a href="">"I came into the kitchen to make soup and found this..."</a>

  • Preparing for returning friends

    <a href="">"Thought my roommate was bringing a girl home tonight, so naturally I did this to his bedroom"</a>