Cereals, bread, ice cream and (sob) supermarket biscuits are not looking so good right now.
The bear was seen roaming the aisles of a Ralph’s supermarket, much to the surprise of shoppers.
A Which? taste test has thrown up just the bank holiday booze news we needed.
Your festive food shop could cost under £40 if you head to the right place.
Some supermarkets – like Aldi, Asda and M&S – won’t be opening on Boxing Day, to allow staff to spend more time with loved ones.
The price of brie, beef mince, wine and other items is predicted to shoot up.
More than 56,000 people have signed a petition demanding that the restriction is overturned.
The restriction has seen aisles cordoned off and plastic sheeting placed over products in supermarkets in Wales.
Books have been barricaded behind boxes, while homewares and clothes are covered with plastic sheets in supermarkets.
As stockpiling ramps up, we're left with empty shelves – but, our food shopping habits have changed. We speak to those keeping Britain fed.